As a reminder, guasha is a traditional healing and well-being technique originating from Chinese medicine . The method involves massaging the skin using an instrument made of stone. This practice is attracting more and more interest worldwide thanks to its purported benefits for the health and beauty of the skin .

The so-called benefits

The benefits would be numerous. Indeed, guasha improves blood circulation , therefore promoting oxygen supply and the elimination of toxins . It would also have a detoxifying effect. Practitioners claim that guasha can help eliminate toxins from the body while stimulating the lymphatic and immune systems .

Facial guasha has become popular for its purported rejuvenating effects. The movements performed on the skin would help reduce wrinkles, firm the skin and promote a glowing complexion. This traditional technique is said to have a stress-relieving, relaxation effect, like many other wellness practices.

does gua sha work?

The effectiveness of guasha

But are these effects real? Are they immediate? We give you scientific evidence and some expert opinions.

Scientific evidence on the effectiveness of guasha is still limited. The studies carried out still lack rigorous methodologies in order to obtain convincing results. However, many guasha fans are satisfied with it, both in terms of relaxation and the reduction of fine lines.

According to a German study, this massage technique is very effective in improving facial blood microcirculation. Some researchers even suggest that circulation can be improved by almost 400%.

Certainly, the guasha stone has become a real fashion effect without necessarily knowing its benefits, but the tool has recently established itself as the new anti-aging gesture to appropriate. It comes in various materials but the most effective is natural stone guasha. It is the stone which will produce an effect of well-being on the skin and thus benefit in addition to the various benefits of lithotherapy , known to treat ailments on a physical and psychological level.

Lithotherapy aims to rebalance vital functions by participating in the harmonization of body and mind, this therefore joins the effects of guasha. Stones provide multiple benefits to our mental and physical health.

In conclusion, guasha promises many benefits but not immediately. In addition, the guasha technique must be integrated into a skin care routine to be effective and convincing.