About Monjoliguasha

At Monjoliguasha, we are convinced that transparency is the key to success. For what ? Because as customers, it's always important to know what to expect. Who are the people behind the site, how are the products made and why do we do this? That’s good, we like transparency and being honest with our customers. This is why you found this page!

gua sha face

Why did you create a gua sha shop?

Having discovered this accessory, still unknown to the general public, 7 years ago now, it has really changed my daily life. Beyond refining my face, I can now see its long-term effects, with the appearance of wrinkles almost non-existent since its use. Convinced that this ancestral Chinese accessory absolutely needed to be recognized for its true value, it is for this reason that I embarked on the Monjoliguasha adventure, the first boutique 100% dedicated to gua sha.

True guarantees of quality, our gua sha are designed according to the rules of the art for all those who want to have a real beauty accessory at home.

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Who better to recommend a beauty accessory than a fan of this accessory? This is the spirit of our brand! At Monjoliguasha, we are convinced of the effectiveness of our products, and we ourselves are our first customers.

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