There are different stones to make gua sha, which all have different virtues. This is also the factor that will most determine the price of your gua sha.

We will therefore simply explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of our different stones.

Rose Quartz

The best known, rose quartz is the stone of love and femininity . Its main virtues are to combat stress and boost confidence .

Prized for its soothing pink hue. This semi-precious stone owes its color to traces of manganese, titanium or iron minerals in its composition. Known for its emotional and spiritual properties, rose quartz is often used in lithotherapy to promote love, harmony and emotional healing.

Rose quartz gua sha

Associated with the heart chakra, it is known to balance and open this energy center, facilitating the expression of emotions and self-esteem. Also used in jewelry, rose quartz is cut into cabochons or polished stones to create elegant jewelry, while symbolizing compassion and universal love.

Aesthetically, quartz is the stone of youth that drains and scluptes - if you are looking for contouring, this is a stone made for you. By improving lymph circulation and strengthening tissues, it soothes swelling, refines the face and smoothes the skin. Goodbye to dull and tired complexions!

Its second main characteristic is that it has anti-aging properties by preventing wrinkles and aging.

Green Aventurine

It is the ideal stone if you are often stressed and yearn for calm and peace . If you want to develop your creativity, your self-confidence and calm your fears and anxieties , aventurine is for you.

Green Aventurine is a variety of quartz known for its shimmering green hue, resulting from the inclusion of fuchsite or mica. This semi-precious stone is prized in lithotherapy for its soothing properties and its link with luck and prosperity.

Gua sha aventurine

It is said to promote emotional harmony , calm stress and encourage personal growth. Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, facilitating balance and emotional healing. Often cut into cabochons or polished stones, it is also used in jewelry making and as a talisman to attract luck and abundance.

Concerning the skin side , it will soothe and reduce the inflammation of problem skin such as acne , psoriasis , eczema ... Ideal for combination, oily and imperfect skin, it will beautify the skin's texture. skin and will regulate excess sebum.


Considered sacred in China, it is a stone allowing you to be in condonation with yourself, combining harmony and balance of body and mind.

On the skin side, it is ideal for lymphatic drainage, having the effect of increasing blood flow and improving blood circulation. It is therefore perfect for eliminating toxins, accelerating healing and regenerating facial skin.


On a spiritual level, it is a stone that wards off negative energies, it allows you to refocus on yourself and accept yourself as you are.

Green agate is a variety of agate characterized by its green hue, usually due to mineral inclusions such as chlorite. This semi-precious stone is appreciated for its soothing and balancing power.

agate gua sha

In lithotherapy , it promotes emotional harmony and personal growth. Associated with the heart chakra, green agate encourages compassion and self-love.

On an aesthetic level, it leads to relaxation and relaxation, ideal for preparing for sleep before going to bed. It is also the ally of athletes, helping to alleviate certain joint, muscular and nervous pain.

Bian Shi

It is a stone traditionally used in Chinese medicine . The composition of this stone shows that it contains more than forty important components for maintaining good health , such as zinc and calcium.

It is a special stone, which when in contact with the body, begins to emit ultrasonic pulse waves to a high degree. These have direct effects on the body's energies and stimulate, open and purify energy channels. When massaged against the skin, the bianshi produces ultrasound pulsations reaching 3708kHz per pass, twice those of jade and more than 10 times those of buffalo horn. This improves oxygenation and invigorates blood flow .

What we more commonly call energy channels are called "meridians" in Chinese medicine, and are what we could compare to the circulatory system in the West. When they function optimally, they allow stability and balance of the internal environment, this is what acupuncture or acupressure is based on, for example, is largely based on this principle of the meridians.

This stone therefore helps to invigorate the blood, eliminate toxins and superfluous fats. It is also ideal for treating my back pain.

Eye of tiger

Traditionally used against the evil eye and malevolence .

Tiger's Eye is a shimmering gemstone, characterized by its shades of golden brown and chestnut . It is a variety of quartz with mineral fiber inclusions. In lithotherapy, it is associated with protection , self- confidence and mental clarity .

tiger eye gua sha

Very popular for joint pain in the legs, knees and mobility. It also helps regulate gastric acidity, thus promoting digestion.


It is the one that allows you to assert yourself and feel good in your body, allowing your personality to be expressed while imposing your wishes. The solar radiance of amber also purifies energies.
On a physical level, we all know it thanks to its virtues that help reduce tooth pain, however this is far from being its only virtue.
Amber helps boost the immune system , so it is ideal for your winter beauty routine . This comes from its negative ions, allowing you to regain a feeling of well-being in everyday life, reducing chronic fatigue and soothing the body.


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