Gua sha is increasingly being put in the spotlight, and for good reason! Celebrity beauty secret kept for many years, discover what this polished stone is used for and how to use it properly. 

Many gua sha with different shapes and uses exist, and certain principles of traditional Chinese massages must be respected when using this ancestral massaging object.

Understand the gua sha and your goals for using it correctly

Massages gua sha : who is it what is it?

THE gua sha is a small stone massager perfectly cut and polished to fit with roundings and the angles of your body and face. The principle of gua sha is given in its pinyin translation: “scratching cholera”, i.e. eradicate ailments of all kinds caused by friction of the skin. This treatment is an ancestral Chinese medicine remedy used since prehistoric times. It is used differently depending on the country and its uses: aesthetic or medicinal.

By daily and delicately massaging your face and body, you eliminate all bad toxins and perform an effective draining massage . So the meridians are stimulated and on top of that your skin is more toned and lifted.

Define your objectives above all to make the best use of your massage stone

As explained previously, this stone gua sha is available in several forms and has several virtues.

You must first determine whether you wish to use the gua sha for facial aesthetics. Then determine if you want to lift your face or simply apply a treatment or make your skin more beautiful. If you are aiming for anti-wrinkle action, the movements and intensity of friction will be slightly different.

If, on the other hand, you want to resolve a surface or deeper bodily discomfort, the movements will be completely different, rather circular if you want to work on the reflexology points.

We'll tell you more about it in a few lines...

How to use sound properly gua sha for the face ?

use of gua sha

Let's first start with one of the most common uses of gua sha , that of a skincare and facial improvement. In fact, many customers use this massage stone which refines the face, removes the double chin and fights against skin aging.

The rules for using the gua sha

We will break this down into two parts: the direction of movement and the intensity of friction.

  • the direction of movement

In fact, depending on your objectives, he is important to use your gua sha somehow.

For the direction of movement for the face, it will always be advisable to start from the center of the face towards the outside of it with a movement from bottom to top.

So, for example, you will need to start with the cheeks while massaging from the inside out with your gua sha .

Exception: if you want to reduce your double chin, the movement will be from top to bottom (explanatory drawing below).

  • the intensity of friction

THE friction of the skin is the secret of transformation through gua sha . Indeed, if you want to carry out a daily anti-aging treatment, you will need to be gentle in the intensity of rubbing the stone on the skin. In fact, with the help of gua sha and your hand he It is very important not to make folds on the face, as this could have the opposite effect of the desired action.

HAS the opposite, if you want to lift your face, the Movements should be more intense, especially on the double chin where lymph drainage should be powerful.

The movements to perform with this cut stone

gua sha use

There are therefore several parts of your face to treat. Here is an explanatory diagram of the movements to be carried out with a gua sha dolphin shape type.

To lift the forehead, start from the base of the eyebrows and go up to the root of the scalp.

To massage the eye area, start from the inner corner of the eye area and move up to the temples.

What not to do with a gua sha face

Be careful, the gua sha is a tool allowing repeated movements to be made and therefore, if these are poorly done, to generate problems or superficial defects. Indeed, it is essential not to create creases at the level of the face, this is why it is preferable to hold the starting part of the massage for the gua sha does not wrinkle the skin, and that the organic massage area is completely smooth and stretched.

How to use a body gua sha ?

Gua sha body
Body gua sha for large areas

Body gua shas are often wider and less bumpy because you want to touch larger areas. You will find hundreds of different models on our site to suit your desires. With our body gua sha, we will be able to reduce muscle pain and tension, as well as eliminate cellulite and reduce cramps.

Precise acupuncture-type gua sha

Some gua sha are cut into the shape of a pen and will be used to stimulate acupuncture points. To perform your massage, simply consult this article on reflexology points and stimulate them using your massage tool in a clockwise direction.

Certain stones will be very effective for insomnia, regular problems such as cystitis, anxiety, etc.

The rhythm of using a gua sha

In your new beauty routine , the rhythm of use of your polished stone will be a very important point in obtaining rapid results.

The rate of use will depend on your use, if you use it as part of your low pressure beauty routine, we recommend using it every evening or morning for approximately 2 to 8 minutes. If you use it for high-pressure beauty or body treatments, we recommend using it 2 to 4 times a week for approximately 10 minutes. To accentuate its results, you can also leave your gua sha stone in the fridge.

You understand, it is important to determine your objectives before proceeding with your gua massage!

To make your gua sha use easier, reproduce the rubbing movements shown in this article. Gua sha is a natural beauty ritual that will completely shake up your aesthetic and medicinal daily life, we recommend it 1000%!

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