Gua sha wood cheeks and jaws

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Define your cheeks and jawline using a wooden gua sha created to structure your face every day!

Many of you dream of a well-defined and structured jawline, which is why many turn to expensive and radical methods such as injections or surgery. This is why the wooden gua sha for cheeks and jaws was created.

This small tool made from natural material will allow you to perform a draining massage which will completely eliminate the water retention present in your face and therefore eliminate this puffy effect.

  • Qualitative and resistant stone
  • Wood composition: stimulating, anti-stress, balancing properties
  • Shape allowing a draining massage
  • Shape and color of stone allowing you to touch a targeted area
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Ancestral and recognized object
  • Dimensions: 13X 6 cm

A desire to define your face in a natural and definitive way: discover our large collection of gua sha .

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