Obsidian gua sha purifying neck and jaws

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Purify your jaws and neck with a traditional obsidian massage accessory while adding definition to your face!

Here is a gua sha reserved for combination to oily skin, this gua sha is made of obsidian , a stone made of lava. It thus allows excess sebum to be regulated without damaging the skin.

The jaw and neck are areas likely to harbor acne spots. This is why this polished stone is perfect for treating these areas. With the bumpy areas of this gua sha you will be able to lift and reduce the double chin .

  • Qualitative and resistant stone
  • Amber: antioxidant stone, anti-depression, strengthens immune defenses
  • Shape allowing a draining massage
  • Shape and color of stone allowing you to touch a targeted area
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Ancestral and recognized object
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 10 cm

Complete your collection of natural treatments with sculpting stones, then discover our wide range of gua sha.

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