Mixed relaxing rose quartz gua sha

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Relax your entire body and face with relaxing rose quartz gua sha!

Rose quartz gua sha is a beauty essential, a true age-old beauty secret, this small polished and cut stone will help sculpt your face and lift it.

We opted for rose quartz stone because it is a natural and authentic stone with soothing and relaxing properties.

The polished and round shape of this massage tool allows you to revive your blood circulation, lift your face , refine your face. But also and particularly to relax and unwind on a daily basis. This rounded shape is also suitable for certain areas of your body, for example, the solar plexus present under the arch of the foot is a perfect target for performing a relaxing massage affecting your entire body.

  • Qualitative and resistant stone
  • Rose quartz: relaxing and anti-wrinkle properties
  • Shape allowing a draining massage
  • Shape and color of stone allowing you to touch a targeted area
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Ancestral and recognized object

Discover natural stones with multiple virtues: discover our large collection of gua sha.

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