Gua sha horn muscle stimulation

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Fall for a diffuse massage tool made of natural horn: the muscle stimulation gua sha!

Fall for the beauty and well-being discovery of the year: natural horn gua sha . With its wide and long shape, this polished scraper will allow you to target large areas of your body such as the back, legs and stomach.

With its optimized shape for the easiest handling , you will quickly get used to recreating this easy and pleasant movement of the daily gua sha massage.

The results will be quick and lasting: anti-cellulite, relaxation and blood and muscle stimulation will be there.

  • Beeswax composition for a gentle and draining massage
  • Natural horn: anti-cellulite properties, fight against water retention
  • Shape allowing a draining massage
  • Shape and color of stone allowing you to touch a targeted area
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Ancestral and recognized object

Choose your gua sha according to your skin or body problems: discover our large collection of gua sha adapted to your needs.

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