Jade Essential Pack

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Jade Harmony Set: Awaken Your Natural Beauty

Discover the ultimate wellness and beauty experience with our Jade Essential Pack, a luxury set comprising four carefully selected jade stone accessories. Jade stone has been recognized for centuries for its calming and energizing properties, making this set an essential addition to your skincare and relaxation routine.

Content of the Pack :

  1. Jade Facial Gua Sha : Our jade facial gua sha is designed to sculpt and revitalize facial skin. Using gentle movements along the contours of your face, it promotes blood circulation, reduces puffiness and improves skin elasticity. Instantly feel a sensation of relaxation and soothing while awakening your natural complexion.

  2. Jade Roller : The jade roller is a classic Chinese beauty tool. Its regular use stimulates lymphatic circulation, reduces fine lines and muscle tension, and promotes radiant skin. It is perfect for a relaxing and refreshing facial massage.

  3. Jade Body Gua Sha : Treat your body to a luxurious gua sha experience with our jade gua sha designed specifically for the body. Use it to relieve tight muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce tension after a long day. It is also ideal for back, shoulder and leg massage.

  4. Jade Thigh Gua Sha : For even deeper relaxation, our jade thigh gua sha is perfectly suited to relieve tension in the thigh and hip area. Its smooth edges and ergonomic shape allow you to target specific areas, promoting total relaxation.

Pack characteristics :

  • Made from high quality jade.
  • Each accessory is unique, as jade stone has natural variations in color and grain.

Transform your daily skincare routine into a ritual of beauty and well-being with the Jade Essential Pack. Order yours today and discover the benefits of jade stone for radiant skin and a relaxed mind.

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