Around 90% of people face this phenomenon of brown spots on the body, especially on the hands and face . They generally arrive at the end of summer.

This article will allow you to better understand how the skin works and where what we call lentigos or solar lentigos come from.

We will see if these stains have an impact on health and how it is possible to get rid of them or at least reduce them. To do this, it is important to know their origin and define the best appropriate care.

lentigo face spot

 What are solar lentigos

Lentigos are areas of discoloration , hyperpigmentation spots due to aging skin but more particularly to high exposure to the sun. It is important to keep in mind that the sun's rays are not actually beneficial for your skin.

Also known as “sun spots” or “pigment spots,” lentigines result from an overproduction of melanin, a natural pigment that naturally colors your skin and can cause the appearance of dark spots . Therefore, we speak of hyperpigmentation, when an excessive emission of melanin appears. Generally, these age spots appear on mature skin, between 40 and 60 years old.

They are mainly visible on the parts of the body most exposed to the sun such as the face, hands, forearms but also the neckline. Indeed, the production of melanin increases under UV rays causing pigmentary abnormalities. However, there are different remedies to combat these unsightly spots.

The causes of the appearance of these pigment spots

Indeed, as said previously, the sun is the main cause but other elements can come into play such as:

  • Poor diet: It is important to eat foods rich in vitamin C such as vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet will give you healthy skin.
  • Hormonal disorders: in fact hormones can be the cause of stimulation of melanocytes, i.e. excessive production of melanin. This happens during pregnancy, we talk about melasma also known as ch.
  • Pollution: poor air quality can be the cause of brown spots.
  • Taking medications: ingesting certain photosensitizing medications can cause the appearance of brown spots

Pigment spot or cancerous spot? Precautions to take

Be careful, the two are not to be confused. Indeed, pigment spots (of benign origin) have a uniform , featureless appearance and color . These are harmless to your health but should still be monitored closely. Conversely, the brown spot can be or become cancerous (lentigo maligna).

But how do we differentiate the two?

A stain becomes suspicious when its shape is irregular and its color is not uniform. Quite the opposite of the pigment spot. In addition, if the size and relief change, it is essential to take care of it as quickly as possible .

How to avoid or erase these pigment spots?

With time and regular exposure to the sun, lentigos can multiply and become unsightly on your face. Also discover how to do lymphatic drainage on the face . Do you want to get rid of it to obtain an even complexion ? This is possible thanks to different more or less effective techniques available on the market:

Anti-pigment spot cream, what are its effects on the skin? 

Using this cream is a very important step and I would even say essential. Morning and evening, hydrating the skin using natural care products should not be neglected. This will reach the pigment that colors the skin and therefore prevent its appearance. The anti-spot cream owes its effectiveness to the vitamin C it contains. This will regulate the production of melanin to even out your complexion.

The cream can be accompanied or replaced by a special serum for pigment spots, a simple remedy that will bring real results. Its content of red fruit active ingredients helps restore radiance and then reduce brown spots over time.

The cream or serum can be combined with an aesthetic treatment to increase its effectiveness, such as laser or peeling.

Is the laser technique effective?

The laser remains the most used remedy since it treats the pigment in depth to make it disappear. However, this technique is in competition with peeling or even cryotherapy . What are these different treatments used in the world of aesthetics? We tell you everything!

Peeling, used very frequently in beauty salons, is therefore easy to access. It consists of removing all dead skin and improving skin parameters such as the reduction of spots , blackheads but also wrinkles. What more could you ask for, it’s a three in one!

We also talk about cryotherapy, which is a cold treatment , it is used for local but also global treatment. And it is very effective in eliminating these small brown spots thanks to the liquid nitrogen which will burn the melanin, all without pain or side effects.

So don't worry, these lentigos are neither dangerous nor impossible to erase. But if you want them to disappear completely, it is highly recommended to base your routine on cleansing your skin without damaging it and reducing the frequency of exposure to the sun.

The skin of the face being very thin and fragile , this hydrolipidic film which covers the surface of the human epidermis must be preserved and nourished sustainably so as not to take away its radiance .

All this in a sustainable way to obtain results.