The secret to a face lift without surgery

Many of you are probably asking this question: How to perform a face lift without surgery ?

It is difficult to provide a concrete answer to this question, if there really were miracle facelift solutions without surgery, probably surgery would not exist, right?

We are here to talk about these facelifts that you may not yet know about, and which, according to many opinions, are a challenge to cosmetic surgery.

But what is the secret? How to replace a surgical operation, which can be painful, while obtaining the same result without pain and with the same satisfaction? Stay, we'll explain everything to you.


A face lift: what results?

There is a radical method that will combat the effects of aging as well as sagging skin. An innovative technique for reshaping the face to bring out its natural features. A younger and firmer appearance in just one procedure. This focuses on all parts of the face, in fact it is done on the lips, cheeks, chin, cheekbones or even temples…

The results are stunning, you will find a rejuvenated look , a reduction in the double chin , tightened skin on the neck , and a complete appearance of the face. No more wrinkles and fine lines that you try to hide with creams or makeup.

The Soft lift technique

The soft lift is one of the best known techniques used for a perfect face lift without having to go through surgery, which can be a step of apprehension but also stressful for some people. The soft lift has the particularity, unlike surgery, of being natural and of causing no pain.

Indeed, the soft lift sets up HIFU pulses which will stimulate the production of collagen, this will improve the tension of the tissues without changing the volumes.

The tensor thread technique 

Tensor threads offer the same result as soft lift but using a completely different technique. The tensor threads are very fine and will be in the subcutaneous fat in order to stimulate collagen and reshape facial features.

Other tensor threads exist, resorbable threads which will have the advantage of instantly lifting the skin which will firm up over time, as the threads are reabsorbed. The threads most often last up to 24 months depending on your skin type. Even if the threads are positioned under the skin, no incision is made, they are inserted using a needle and the procedure is not painful since all this is done under local anesthesia.

Finally, it is entirely possible to combine soft lift and tensor threads in order to perfect the result. But before any intervention, you must do an initial medical examination to then establish your type of treatment.

The best technique for slimming without a face without going through surgery

Guasha is a traditional Chinese medical technique that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and conditions, such as muscle tension, headaches, and joint pain. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular as an effective non-surgical solution for those seeking facial slimming.

Guasha works by lightly scraping the skin with a smooth edge like a spoon or jade stone. This scraping action creates tiny microtraumas on the skin's surface that increase circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This increased circulation helps flush out toxins and fat cells which are then eliminated from the body naturally. The result is a more toned appearance without any surgery.

facelift without guasha surgery

In addition to stimulating lymphatic drainage , Guasha also helps improve digestion and reduce bloating thanks to its ability to relax tight muscles in the abdominal area. It can also help reduce cellulite by breaking down adhesions between cells, which promotes smoother skin.

The benefits of guasha don't stop there as it can also help reduce stress, fatigue, insomnia and headaches, as well as relieve joint pain and arthritis symptoms thanks to its ability to increase blood flow to targeted areas of the body. Discover all the before and afters of gua sha in this article.

Overall, guasha is an effective tool for those looking to lose weight without surgery. Not only does it help break down fat and flush it out of the body, but it also improves overall health by boosting circulation and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Try today!