Used with either a medical or aesthetic objective, lymphatic massage is a massage which consists of massaging with the aim of stimulating the circulation of lymph. This massage is performed with the hands which follow the lymphatic circulation by making slow circular movements.

This practice is quite well known and is practiced in several ways. Aesthetic lymphatic massage is available in certain institutes.

But before seeing what are the steps to best practice this massage, we will delve into the benefits of lymphatic massage.

The benefits of lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage has many benefits. He has many qualities such as the fact that he:

  • improves blood circulation. By improving blood circulation, the skin becomes radiant and the skin becomes smoother.
  • promotes tissue restoration. Thus, it helps restore plump and more elastic skin. It therefore prevents skin aging.
  • relieves sensitive skin by reducing its skin reaction such as the redness that emanates from it when handling the face.
  • serves to detoxify the body . By stimulating lymph circulation, massage eliminates toxins present in the body. Thanks to this, it reduces the appearance of pimples.
  • helps combat stress. Using this method is relaxing by the action itself and by the sensation too. It therefore allows you to relax for a moment.
  • is also used to reduce cellulite. Since massage helps stimulate blood circulation, it helps to firm up the skin therefore reducing cellulite.

Why do a lymphatic massage on your face?

So why should you do a lymphatic massage on your face? Depending on your skin type (oily, normal, combination or sensitive), your skin is prone or not to specific problems such as acne due to excess sebum, fairly textured skin texture, dull skin. a little tired, redness, spots and many others.

In these cases, based on all the benefits of lymphatic massage, you should do it and adopt it in your beauty routine. But before that, try to choose the problem you want to solve according to your skin type to practice it effectively.

How to do a lymphatic massage?

There are 2 ways to do a lymphatic massage: the Vodder method or that of Dr. Albert Leduc.

  • The Vodder method consists of massaging completely with the hands using circular movements.
  • Dr. Albert Leduc's method consists of combining the manual with instruments.

Lymphatic massage can be done in clinics or offices for medical purposes and for aesthetic purposes, you can do it in an institute or yourself.

Doing a lymphatic massage yourself

Simply apply pressure using your fingers in circular movements on one of your lymphatic points, in this case on your face. The movements should be upwards and always directed towards the outside, the neck or the ears. For greater efficiency, we advise you to repeat each movement 6 times and above all, focus on the gentleness of your movements.

Our advice for an effective massage

For an effective massage, here are the important points not to neglect:

  • you must massage from the inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top to best promote lymphatic circulation.
  • you must remember to do your massage dry, that is to say, without adding cream or oil so oily to combination skin don't panic about using any fatty material!

Adopt lymphatic massage with guahsa

photo guasha

To adopt lymphatic massage by following all our advice, you should use guasha. Guasha is originally a Chinese massage that is used for the same purposes as lymphatic massage. Guasha is practiced using a tool and it is this tool that we will call "guasha".

You can use it when you do your daily or weekly lymphatic massage. Guasha is generally used with oil but it is preferable to use it in the case of a lymphatic massage, without oil. This means that in your facial routine, when you finish cleansing your skin, before moving on to the other steps, practice your lymphatic massage and then you can continue your routine. Also discover how to use gua sha on your back .

Some before/after speaking

The combination of guasha and lymphatic massage is more than winning and allows you to obtain visible and meaningful results. That's why we decided to show you these before/afters.

before/after guasha 1

In this image we can see that after using guasha, this woman reduced her wrinkles. Her skin became radiant and refreshed. She even lost dark circles and she looks much younger!

before/after guasha 2

In this case, this woman had a different goal than the previous woman. The aim of this was to refine her face, particularly to lose the beginnings of a double chin, and she therefore succeeded thanks to the guasha and lymphatic massage connection.

Now you know about lymphatic massage, its benefits on the face, why you should do it and how to do it. In addition, thanks to our tips for an effective massage, you will most certainly obtain the result you want!