Created in 1952 by the French doctor Michel Pistor, mesotherapy was originally a medical technique. This technique consists of making local intra-epidermal, intra-dermal, hypodermal injections or even doses of medication at the location where pain is felt .

Mesotherapy can also have benefits when practiced from an aesthetic point of view, especially on the face.

The benefits of mesotherapy on the face

Indeed, mesotherapy has many benefits for our skin such as:

revitalize skin tissues and therefore leave room for smoother skin

treat acne lesions and oily skin

erase wrinkles and give the skin its elasticity by making it look much less rough

improve skin quality with hydrated, firmer and radiant skin

prevent skin aging and photo-pigmentation thanks to the antioxidant effect of this practice

Mesotherapy therefore has many benefits and therefore allows, in all cases, to improve the appearance of your skin after each session.

But above all, who is it intended for?

Who is mesotherapy intended for?

This practice is aimed at all ages from adulthood depending on the problem encountered. Obviously, mesotherapy will not have the same goal on a young adult of 25 years old as on a person aged 40 years old. It will have a curative purpose in one and a preventive purpose in the other.

If you have poorly hydrated, smoky, dull skin, exposed to the sun and pollution and wrinkled skin, mesotherapy is for you!

On the other hand, if you have skin that has a history of allergies to the products used, have skin in an infectious state such as a major acne breakout, herpes, have certain illnesses or are pregnant, the use of this practice can be dangerous.

Mesotherapy on the face

Mesotherapy is therefore a technique adapted to the different skin problems that you may encounter and at any age. The question you need to ask yourself is how and with what ingredients, mesotherapy can improve the skin so much. We will now answer these questions.

What do the injections contain?

First of all, it is important to know that there are 2 types of mesotherapy: deep mesotherapy and superficial mesotherapy.

Deep mesotherapy is practiced using skinboosters, which contain weakly crosslinked and micronized hyaluronic acid .

While superficial mesotherapy is practiced using mesolift mixtures. Mixtures for mesolift contain non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, amino acids, a vitamin complex (C, A, E, B5) antioxidants and trace elements .

How does a mesotherapy session work?

A mesotherapy session lasts approximately 20 minutes. The session takes place in a sterilized room. It is according to the areas to be treated that the doctor chooses the method and the ingredients he will use.

Here too, there are two possibilities: the fine needle on a syringe or a meso-infuser. The fine needle is generally the most used method. It penetrates the skin intermittently without going beyond the fatty barrier, given its short size. On the other hand, the meso-perfuser is the most precise technique to better reach the imperfections to be treated. It distributes the liquid by pressure without hurting.

What to do after a mesotherapy session?

After a mesotherapy session, the client can return to a completely normal life, he will not have many prohibitions or many elements to avoid. However, in the 12 hours after a mesotherapy session, we advise you to pay attention to a few points:

We advise you to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and UV rays.

Then, if you are a fan of the sauna and hammam, we do not recommend these practices.

Also, you can avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area.

If you're wearing makeup and wondering about using foundation, don't worry, you can use one. Just be careful not to put a lot on the treated area or apply a thick layer.

Before/after mesotherapy on the face

So that you can understand the action of mesotherapy on the face, we will now show you the before/after.

before after mesotherapy 1

In this first image, we can see the quite stunning difference between before and after mesotherapy. We can first notice the radical reduction in wrinkles between the two images. The skin is much more radiant than before and seems to have regained its elasticity.

We can even conclude that this woman regained youthful skin at the end of her sessions.

before after mesotherapy 2

Here we have the before and after of a specific area, a goose paste, which was treated using mesotherapy. Compared to before, the area is less wrinkled and the goose paste has almost completely disappeared, only after 2 treatments.

So you see how effective this technique of mesotherapy is in aesthetics.

Indeed, you know the benefits of this treatment, how it works superficially, in depth and who it is intended for. Now you are ready to choose the technique that suits you best in terms of improving your skin.