Donkey milk is on the rise, in fact, its miracle composition has made it possible to create miraculous cosmetics for the skin since ancient times. But why and how does this milk act on the skin and what are its daily benefits?

The best milk for cosmetics

First of all, it seems essential to understand why donkey milk is so appreciated. Donkey milk is the milk most similar to human female milk. Donkey milk has many more vitamins and omega 3 and 6 elements as well as a natural anti-bacterial that is not found in cow's milk. This skincare milk is an ancestral beauty secret, of which Cleopatra was the biggest fan and has always been a natural beauty ally.

donkey female milk

What are the effects of donkey milk soap on facial skin?

Donkey milk soap is a very gentle soap , it treats the skin to moisturize it while resolving your skin disorders.

Donkey milk soap and its moisturizing properties:

Why is donkey milk soap more moisturizing than cow's milk or vegetable soap? Quite simply because it hydrates differently. Mainly composed of vitamins, and note of omega 3 and 6 will allow your skin to be deeply hydrated. The combination of potassium and zinc will also nourish the skin for plump and radiant epidermis.

The antibacterial properties of donkey milk cosmetics:

Anti-oxidants will help fight against the effects of aging on the skin but also maximize your anti-acne beauty routine. Donkey milk soap is a natural anti-inflammatory cosmetic product that will allow your acne pimples to begin a phase of decline and eliminate the redness of the pimple.

The balancing properties of donkey milk soap:

This soap is known to relieve skin diseases. Indeed, its richness in minerals such as zinc, magnesium or zinc will allow you to regenerate your skin and regain skin balance. With this cosmetic you can fight against skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, etc.

It is suitable for:

  • for sensitive skin
  • for skin diseases
  • for acne-prone skin
  • for dry skin

donkey milk cosmetics

How to choose the right donkey milk cosmetics?

It is very important not to be fooled by certain donkey milk treatments which will not be of very high quality. Indeed, the success of donkey milk cosmetics in participating in the creation of donkey milk cosmetics by the thousand, and what was initially artisanal is taken up by the large cosmetics groups.

You must therefore pay close attention to the composition of your donkey milk beauty product . In fact, many actors create cosmetics based on donkey milk and therefore added to a sometimes chemical composition.

A donkey milk product must not contain products such as silicones, petrochemical derivatives, etc. It is also important that the donkey milk is fresh and not frozen to retain its benefits .

How to properly apply donkey milk soap?

There are several ways to apply birthmilk soap. Firstly you can simply use your soap as is using your hands by lathering it on your face, after a few massaging movements you will rinse your face thoroughly with clear water.

We can also use donkey milk soap as a real beauty treatment, so we will apply the soap like a mask using a brush if you wish. You can then leave the soap on for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water afterwards.