Gua sha is often compared to facial treatments, whether for sagging, for its anti-aging effect or for reviving the skin's radiance. But this ancestral Chinese tool is often neglected for bodily well-being , although that is why it became known in Asia in the first place.

What will you be able to target with a body gua sha?

Whether you want to act on the aesthetic or medicinal axis, cut stone will be able to help you in both beauty and health sectors. It is important to target your needs before choosing a particular type of body gua sha.

Aesthetic needs that can be achieved with a body gua sha

Body aesthetics is a very popular sector, treatment creams in institutes are offered to you to resolve your aesthetic complexes. However, sometimes the best treatments are natural and inexpensive ones such as massage. You will surely tell me, effective massage yes but not expensive certainly not when it is carried out by professionals. This is where gua sha comes into play, to reduce cellulite and refine certain areas of your body, gua sha is designed to facilitate movement. It is therefore the perfect tool to facilitate self-massage effectively and at home. With its cut and polished shape and its natural composition you have no risks to fear.

gua sha body massage

Stimulate your acupressure points with a body gua sha

Acupuncture points are a very effective way to strengthen your immune system and reduce many ailments. By stimulating them with a gua sha in a clockwise direction you can eradicate your bodily suffering .

Sometimes certain ailments can also be relieved via gua massage , in particular ailments related to the lungs which can be relieved via regular massage of the jade gua sha which will scrape and eliminate respiratory congestion.

Recovery needs of athletes via gua massage

Our muscles are sometimes heavily used during sporting activities or in our daily work. These same muscles need recovery after practicing a bodybuilding or other sport. Thus, athletes are often encouraged to call on masseurs to relieve their muscle fibers and speed up the fiber's reconstruction time and to avoid soreness. To compensate for treatments that are too regular and too expensive, we recommend gua sha, an Asian tool to stimulate drainage and the elimination of toxins through self-massage using a natural stone.

If you want to reduce back pain, here is a gua sha back article that will help you understand how to use your gua sha on your back to relieve your pain.

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Which gua sha are suitable for an anatomical massage?

You recognize yourself in some of the needs mentioned above but you do not know which stone and form of massage tool you are looking for.

The ideal gua sha to remove cellulite

For the anti-cellulite massage with this ancestral Asian tool, we recommend a large gua sha which will massage a large area of ​​skin. Cellulite gua sha can be made of wood, quartz or other.

cellulite body gua sha

The ideal gua sha for relaxation and muscle recovery

Just like gua sha for cellulite, relaxation or muscle recovery gua shas are wider gua shas . We will favor gua sha in the shape of fish or tabs as in the photo below. This elongated shape will work the muscle and allow better oxygenation of the muscles and thus avoid aches.

The ideal gua sha for massaging your meridians and acupressure points

gua sha body accurate accunpuncture

In reality, to massage your meridians there are two very suitable gua shas, ​​this first gua sha stick will allow you to target precise and targeted acupuncture points, you will be able to solicit these with an intense rotating massage.

The second gua sha below will allow you to stimulate the meridians and in particular the arch of the foot in a broad and rotating manner. Aventurine is a perfect stone for stimulating the meridians and bringing harmony to your body.

gua sha acupressure

What movements should be performed for a body gua massage?

Once the body's needs have been identified and the appropriate gua sha chosen, there remains the method of using them.

The rules of body gua sha massage are similar to facial massage. So it is essential to always move from the center of the body outwards to drive “evil” out of your body. These movements are recommended by Chinese medicine professionals because they are the ones who provide massages in this way.

In addition, it will be advisable to start from the bottom to the top to stimulate your body or your muscles. This will allow you to raise the muscle fiber to relax it as much as possible.

use oil with gua sha body

In addition, just like the facial use of gua sha it is essential to use a dry or fatty oil to facilitate the massage without frustrating or marking your body areas.

Now if in addition to taking care of your face with gua sha you want to discover body massage with cut natural stones you are documented on the subject and you will be able to provide the best care at home.