Skin is one of the physical characteristics most important , in fact, for the majority of women, its appearance plays a big role on our morale and our self-confidence. Sometimes, with certain periods of our daily life, our skin reacts with imperfections or with a loss of radiance and dilation of pores. Here are our tips for refining, smoothing and improving your skin appearance.

What impacts skin texture?

Irregular skin texture is imperfections that can make your skin less smooth and even. This can result in visible and dilated ports, imperfections, or even an uneven skin tone. Irregular skin texture is often the fate of combination and oily skin, which is unfortunately more sensitive to this type of annoyance. Indeed, the sebaceous glands create in the event of external danger; a skin defense via sebum which unbalances the skin through numerous imperfections.

To know how to beautify your skin texture , it is essential to understand what which impacts his skin . The skin will establish reactions at the surface level depending on your hygiene, your care and your skin type. But it will also react to stress, your diet, smoking and also hormones.

Beautify your skin through healthy daily habits

Clean and remove make-up from your skin

To properly clean your skin, it is already essential to know that cosmetic products can be aggressive. It is therefore advisable not to clean your skin with aggressive products that act too deeply, because these can do appear redness and dryness which will degrade the skin texture. Sensitive skin is particularly affected by this type of inconvenience, because cleansing is daily and therefore very important to maintain a beautiful skin barrier .

Therefore, we advise you to do gentle cleansing, twice a day maximum, either with water or with floral water to gently cleanse without destroying the skin barrier.

In the evening, it is obligatory to remove makeup to allow skin cells to regenerate and breathe.

Cold water, miraculous for refining skin texture

The Nordic countries are known for their inhabitants with perfect skin , their secret: cold. To reproduce this beauty tip at home, simply moisten your face every morning with cold water. The action of this will be to naturally tighten the pores of your skin, which will give you a brighter complexion and a more even and finer skin texture.

This ritual freshness will also be a good anti-aging treatment. For optimal results, it will be preferable to repeat this ritual in the evening as well.

cold water for skin beauty

Hydrate and eat well

Having beautiful skin first happens from the inside, the skin is often the mirror of our lifestyle. Thus, the hydration and food that we ingest will have a very strong impact on the aesthetics and appearance of the skin.

It is therefore advisable to drink at least 1 liter 5 of water per day at lukewarm temperature; you should avoid overly sweet drinks such as sodas and overly sweet juices.

In terms of diet, certain foods or fruits are recommended to have beautiful skin, these with strong antioxidant power are perfect for beautifying your skin in a natural way. We find in particular fruits such as mango, carrot or apricot, but Also of the vegetables like cabbage or spinach.

Reduce excesses and tobacco

Before looking for care rituals, first start by working on your lifestyle. Indeed, daily consumption of alcohol and tobacco will negatively impact the health of your skin. This will result in blocked ports, dull and tired skin as well as accelerated skin aging. Exercising and getting a good quality of sleep will allow your skin to regenerate more quickly.

gua sha beauty accessory range

A skincare routine adapted for smoother and more beautiful skin

Know your skin well

Before choosing your skincare treatments and routine , it is essential to know your skin type to analyze your needs and the appropriate cosmetics. There are several types of skins : sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin, dry skin and dehydrated skin. Skin lacking in hydration must be differentiated from dry skin which lacks nutrients. To make this important distinction here is a article …

By grasping the importance of this information, you will be able to balance the film hydrolipidic of your skin to make it more beautiful, unified and radiant.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation allows the elimination of all dead cells present on the surface of the skin. It is an important point in the skincare routine to have a beautiful, smooth, fine and luminous skin texture. Exfoliation will also allow oily skin to eliminate clogged pores which will promote impurities.

There are two types of exfoliation: chemical exfoliation with active ingredients which will exfoliate the skin chemically, and mechanical exfoliants which are composed of grain and which will exfoliate using an exfoliating movement.

Opt for natural products and creams.

It is important to move towards natural care. First a makeup remover and cleanser, then a cream and finally a serum. In winter, choose a richer cream to meet the more intense needs of your skin due to the cold and external aggressions.

Use natural accessories to improve your skin routine

THE gua sha : anti-aging tool to reduce skin tone and add radiance

The friction movement gua sha East an effective massage which turns out to be a true beauty ritual. The rubbing and scratching movement will release toxins and relax the skin tissues. This action lifting And draining will allow your skin to be more taut, radiant and plump.
With its composition of real cut stone, this natural stone was created to adapt perfectly to the ovals of the face. This scraping movement will be very effective for daily use.

Jade rollers to maximize your care

Accessories are indeed not to be neglected in terms of skin beauty. The stone roller is a great ally to maximize the results of your treatments. Naturally, treatments are applied using our fingers or a brush, all of which is not necessarily hygienic and does not provide any added value.

The stone scroll mainly in jade or quartz is a way to apply your treatments evenly as well as to carry out a beneficial massage for the skin, combined with the virtues of the stone used.

jade roller

You will therefore have understood, in addition to a night cream before going to bed for example, nothing beats a natural accessory with multiple virtues which will take care of your skin while refining it!