If you are reading this article, you surely want to discover the effects of gua sha after use . Indeed, in the beauty sphere many remedies miracles are offered to help you refine yourself, make your skin more beautiful, or even transform your body or treat it. THE gua sha is a traditional tool which is recognized and validated in Asia, it has established itself across the entire surface of the globe with followers convinced of its effectiveness, but what are the results ? Can we really trust this natural and cut stone?

The results of the gua sha on the face

Before/after results on the beauty skin

THE gua sha is not a simple massage tool, its natural stone composition can allow you to maximize your skin care routine. skin, but also adapt to the nature of your skin to care for it.

So we can see effects on combination skin fatty who use a gua sha in volcanic stone were able to see a real difference in excess daily sebum. Often after using the gua sha Many women reported that their skin texture was more beautiful, with a radiant complexion, particularly with the use of a gua sha in jade or quartz.

anti-aging gua sha

Before and after results for on facial refinement

THE gua sha also allows for lymphatic drainage, it is this draining massage which will considerably refine your face. For this, it is advisable to massage your face daily, once a day.

From the first weeks of use, you will see that your face is lifted, your eyes are less drooping, your cheekbones are prominent and your double chin is reduced.

gua sha double chin

A friction massage and its anti-aging action

Indeed, the scraper massage will help release toxins, this constant rubbing and lifting will allow the skin tissues to be less affected by skin aging. The antioxidant effect of certain stones are going also help increase this anti-aging effect.

Many Asian women admit to being much less wrinkled by regularly using their gua sha to avoid premature wrinkles. In this before/after we can notice a clear improvement in fine lines under the eyes because yes, gua sha is a real ally in reducing puffiness and fine lines by providing bounce to the skin.

gua sha fine lines skin

The results of the gua sha on the body

The body may also need gua sha for medicinal or aesthetic purposes. For example, many women report that they have been able to significantly reduce their cellulite in record time . Others admit that the gua sha their help allows you to massage reflexology points to eliminate recurring health problems.

A transformation of cellulite into images thanks to gua sha

Cellulite is a problem that all women experience, the appearance of the skin is irregular and one of the ways to stop this is massage. The massage can be made easier using tools to access difficult areas and facilitate self-massage. THE gua sha is a great way to maximize anti- cellulite results .

cellulite before after gua sha

This before and after gua sha shows us a stunning visual result, in terms of the orange peel appearance it is almost completely dissipated. This woman admitted to massaging her every day using oil with a jade body gua sha.

Non-aesthetic results on body ailments using gua sha

In addition to aesthetic results, some gua sha are part of a medicinal approach. The results were approved by many women who said that gua sha helped them work on their acupuncture point with ease.

Women have revealed that massage using gua sha reflexology has been a good remedy for reducing cystitis. To understand the benefits of self-massage in this case, here is an article which explains the importance of massages during cystitis .

Our best duo to refine your face

In conclusion, gua sha is a tool that will give you quick and lasting visual results. Many women share their satisfaction with this lustrous and cut stone which will transform your skin and your face. To maximize your before and after gua sha results we advise you to consult our article on how to use a gua sha .