Many parts of the body can suffer from various ailments. We often find pain located on the upper body , with the bust, shoulder blades, lower back, etc. Indeed, for many people in an active lifestyle, daily movement can be tiring. So you end up with daily back pain, and a busy life in which you no longer have time to go to the physiotherapist repeatedly. So you may have heard about a revolutionary massage and Chinese medicine tool called gua sha . This will relieve this pain by making the massage easier for you, but to understand how it is used and how often, here is an article made for you.

The importance of the circulation of flows restarted via the gua sha

In life, everything is a question of harmony, our body sometimes needs to be revived and stimulated in certain areas for it to function properly. To circulate these flows and its energies, the stone of gua sha is an ideal tool. This stone from ancestral Chinese therapy will fight against stagnant energy to fight against inflammation as well as muscle and joint pain. Gua sha in Chinese means “to scratch the disease to allow it to escape through your skin”.

The massage gua sha reduces inflammation, therefore helping to soothe chronic or non-chronic muscle pain. Many people suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis use this method to limit their pain.

This massage also helps release toxins by improving circulation. With short or long movements, we will stimulate the microcirculation of soft tissues which increases blood flow.

This daily massage will release muscle tension , it will increase your mobility, but it will also help you improve your posture.

back pain

Tips for using the gua sha in the lower back

How to massage your lower back using a gua sha ?

The lower back is often a painful area, in fact, your lower back is often in pain due to daily work in the office or physical work outdoors.

You can make circular or downward movements on your lower back and apply oil to facilitate the massage . As As we said above, massage will release and circulate the stagnant energies responsible for various inflammations. By reducing inflammation, you promote healing.

Massaging the lower back also helps release all nervous tension accumulated during the day and stimulates acupressure points.

Your back will gradually become less tense and you will feel more relaxed.

We advise you to apply an oil or balm to facilitate the sliding of the polished stone on your lower back. If you are using a fish-shaped gua sha, orient the massage tool at 45 degrees and move back and forth with moderate pressure. Repeat these movements for 3 to 5 minutes.

After just a few days of use, you will considerably reduce the risk of lower back pain and lumbago. To find out if you are a person at risk, do not hesitate to consult this article on people affected by lumbago or lower back pain .

gua sha fish muscle and back

What gua sha use for this area?

The lower back is a flat area, so we recommend a more elongated and flat shape. For this, opt for a gua sha in the shape of a fish or a long wave. Regarding the stone, you can choose a stone made for muscle and body pain. Amber is a stone with multiple virtues, green jade can also be perfect for relaxation and relaxation.

Tips for using the stone gua sha on the shoulders

gua sha ideal for back

How to stimulate the shoulders with a gua sha ?

All day long, our shoulders support our head and are the link to our back. If we want to end our day with a relaxed back, it is advisable to relax our shoulders and neck. Several small series of movements performed with our gua sha on this sensitive area will allow this one of not to contract and thus not to create tension in our back.

Indeed, we think, often wrongly, that massage is reserved for to professionals, but for prevention or remedy, massage using the gua sha will allow you to carry out a simple and effective movement.

To which gua sha orient yourself to properly massage your shoulders?

For the shoulders, you can use a range of shapes gua sha wider, you can even use a gua sha face. However for a massage gua sha optimal shoulder choose a shape gua sha square with a notch to better target neck and neck tensions.

Ultimately, gua sha is a way to considerably reduce your back pain, whether in the neck, shoulders or at the bottom of it. With a quick daily massage, your back will be more mobile and more resistant to daily pressures. Carrying out this health ritual on a daily basis will allow you to avoid any expense to a masseur or other, it will allow you to reduce the risk of lymphagos.

If you still doubt the results of gua sha we offer you an article explaining before and after gua sha, mainly aesthetic. Because in addition to using your massage tool in a medicinal way, you can also beautify yourself using it.