Lymphatic drainage on the face is a form of massage that can help people reduce swelling and fluid buildup, such as excess lymphatic fluid.

It also helps improve skin tone and texture. The gentle, light pressure of lymphatic drainage on the face can help reduce fatigue and muscle tension.

In this article, we explain everything about lymphatic drainage!

The benefits of lymphatic drainage on the face

Lymphatic drainage has many benefits. He has many qualities such as:

  • Fluid Drainage: This technique provides deep action to remove accumulated fluid and toxins, helping to reduce inflammation and tissue swelling.
  • Tones the skin: Lymphatic drainage on the face improves skin tone and helps balance skin hydration levels by increasing blood microcirculation. It also provides an immediate and lasting tightening effect on the skin of the face to give it a smoother and younger appearance.
  • Boosts the Immune System: Lymphatic Drainage on the face is known to boost immune function by increasing tissue oxygenation levels, which contributes to the overall health of our body.
  • Reduces muscle tension: The gentle pressure applied by Lymphatic Drainage on the face helps release muscle tension and helps relieve fatigue and relax the mind and body.

Why do lymphatic drainage on your face?

Lymphatic drainage on the face is a great way to refresh yourself and feel better. It is a gentle and natural method that offers several benefits for the skin, body and mind.

This technique is particularly indicated for people with chronic facial swelling, headaches, muscle pain and general fatigue.

Lymphatic drainage on the face is also recommended for people with circulatory or venous problems, as it can help reduce swelling and fluid retention.

This technique is also ideal for people who want to regain a more radiant complexion and firmer skin . Indeed, it helps stimulate blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, which contributes to an immediate and lasting tightening effect.

Finally, lymphatic drainage on the face is perfect for people wishing to improve their well-being and general health . It is known to stimulate immune function, release muscle tension and relieve fatigue.

How to do lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage on the face is a simple and safe technique . There are several types of lymphatic drainage, but all have the same principles: gentle, light pressure is applied to the skin to stimulate lymphatic flow.

Lymphatic drainage can be done by a trained professional or at home. It is important to follow the instructions carefully in order to obtain optimal results.

If you opt for lymphatic drainage on the face from a professional, it is recommended to have a session every 2 to 4 weeks.

Doing lymphatic drainage yourself

Performing lymphatic drainage at home is also possible.

For this, you will need a spray bottle and essential oil (or other oil). Start by applying a few drops to your face then make light circular movements from the neck area to your forehead.

Lymphatic drainage can take some time to master, so be patient and don't hesitate to seek professional help if necessary.

Our advice for effective drainage

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your lymphatic drainage on the face to move fluids and promote the elimination of toxins .
  • Avoid eating or drinking sweet, salty, or spicy foods before and during lymphatic drainage so as not to irritate your tissues.
  • Do not use too much essential oil as it can cause skin irritation. It is best to use a neutral oil that can be absorbed by the skin.
  • Do not massage your face too much and use gentle, light movements.

By following these tips, you will get better results with lymphatic drainage on the face. Take care of your body and enjoy the benefits that this technique offers!

Adopt lymphatic drainage with guasha

Lymphatic drainage can also be done with a specific stone, guasha.

This technique involves gently rubbing or massaging the skin with a stone tool, such as a guasha or massage fork. The movements are repeated several times and are designed to release tension in the muscle tissues. If you're interested, discover the before and after of guasha .

This method is very soothing and quickly relieves muscle pain and lymphatic drainage blockages.

Gua sha to refine your face

Some before/after

Practicing lymphatic drainage allows you to have concrete results. This is why we want to show you these before/afters which are more than telling.

lymphatic drainage

In this image, we can see that this woman has literally become younger. We notice that she has more radiant skin after lymphatic drainage. There is also a reduction in the wrinkles on his face and the goose bumps are less visible.

lymphatic drainage 2

In this before/after, lymphatic drainage allowed this woman to lose weight on her face: she has fewer cheeks and a more pronounced jaw.

To conclude, Lymphatic Drainage on the face is a very effective technique for regaining a more radiant complexion and firmer skin!