Our opinion on gua sha and its effectiveness (face, cellulite, etc.)

This new trend that is booming on social networks at the moment, that of the gua sha stone! For some who may not yet know, it is a stone, a real quality stone which will be used to perform a facial massage and many other parts of the body.

A daily drainage of the skin that we tested for 2 months in order to obtain results.

You don't want to use gua sha before knowing a sure opinion on its effectiveness? Then you will appreciate this article in which you will obtain all the information on this new trend.

Convincing results?

"Gua sha must act as a draining and detoxifying massage while evacuating toxins. It also has the role of stimulating, in depth, collagen, therefore providing firming necessary to fight against aging of the skin. This massage will revive microcirculation helps reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes that we want to get rid of." Discover the before and after of gua sha .

But are these so-called benefits really convincing?

The real guy sha is a stone , so you have to choose it carefully to bring the benefits to the skin . These stones are very often jade or quartz but they can also be amethyst or aventurine. Each stone has its particularity which makes it unique.

Rose quartz is the stone of love, its virtues are calming and anti-aging. It is therefore quartz which will fight against skin aging.


Next, let's talk about the effects of amethyst which are based on balance and calm. Amethyst gua sha will therefore be perfect for soothing the skin. If you suffer from inflammation and redness, this stone is ideal for your skin.

Gua sha face

Finally, aventurine stone gua sha is particularly suitable for problem and acne-prone skin. Aventurine is known for its skin purification process and relief of inflammation.


Choose the stone that best suits you and your needs. You will find it effective after 6 to 10 weeks, if you are regular in your massages. It is advisable to take 5 to 15 minutes every evening to take care of your skin.

What about cellulite?

What do you think of this new anti-cellulite trend ?

First, as for the face, gua sha restarts the circulatory flow of the stomach or thighs for example. Gua sha performs drainage on the body , ideally on the parts of the body where cellulite is most visible. Results appear if gua sha is used well and, in the same way as for the face, regularly.

Cellulite gua sha

Massaging the body with gua sha will therefore help reduce unwanted cellulite marks thanks to the stimulation of the lymph nodes offered by gua sha. In addition to obtaining a real result on cellulite, this stimulation will improve your blood circulation , which can lead to heavy legs if it is faulty.

As soon as your skin is well drained, you will see your cellulite reduced and your skin smoother and firmer.

Gua sha is therefore indeed effective for your skin and your body. Be careful to perform the movements correctly to achieve the results. This is ideal if you just want to reduce cellulite or firm your face.

After 2 months of use, the facial skin is smoother and tighter , scars and acne are less visible.