You have noticed physiognomic changes that you wish to reduce or eliminate by avoiding surgical methods , this is possible. These changes are natural and can be corrected with natural methods!

Indeed, with age and weight gain or significant loss, the skin can become looser . The latter is by nature very elastic but can relax and no longer regain its former tone, which is when the dreaded “double chin” forms.

Multiple products exist on the market to remedy any imperfection. Here, we are going to talk about a slimming sheath inspired by ancestral Japanese practices and created to fight the signs of aging and restore elasticity to your face. Is its lifting effect a miracle or a scam?

smooth face

What is this sheath made of?

Some sheaths are composed of moisturizing active ingredients to intensely nourish the skin and firm it. They adhere perfectly to the facial line and to all skin types.

While others are mainly made from fabric: these are the most famous in France. These have a drainage effect on blood flow thanks to a strong elastic that surrounds the face, giving the skin a rosy complexion and destroying fatty masses on the face.

How to use the restructuring facial sheath?

The sleeve has holes at each end, allowing it to be wrapped around the ears to keep it in place.

The most effective will be to put on the sheath every day for at least 15 minutes and this for around fifteen days. You must keep one rule in mind: apply the product to previously cleansed and dry skin, with clean hands.

It can be worn only once or twice a week, depending on your needs.

How does she act?

The first week, the sheath would destroy the fatty masses of the face and more particularly those of the chin. Then, the second week, the face would take its new shape, thanks to the reduction of the double chin.

Thanks to good support of the sheath, there is no need to remain still or lying down, which is very advantageous.

It is interesting to wear the sheath when you are at home doing household chores, cooking or during your rest time.

The sheath can also be worn at night, and helps combat facial asymmetry . In fact, it is common to let your face rest on one side when you sleep and thus distort it in the long term. The sheath, by its support, makes it possible to compensate for this phenomenon.

Relatively simple and quick to use which promises an attractive result.

The face sheath is an essential to integrate into your facial care routine. It is ideal when complemented by a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and good skin care; daily cleansing and hydration are required for its effect to be most satisfactory. Please note, the moisturizer should only be applied after using the sheath, never before!

There is a wide range of products and various sizes (from S to XL) to best adapt to different faces and thus be as effective as possible.

facial sheath

The beneficial effects of using the face sheath

After a few months of use, a large number of women say they are very satisfied with the product thanks to its comfortable appearance on the face and the tone it offers to the skin. In fact, the sheath is adjustable to adapt to the shape and size of the face .

Many changes are visible, the sheath effectively tightens the skin of the face and neck thanks to the anti-facial wrinkle lift effect. It fixes the contours of the face and gives firmer lines. Finally, a high quality sheath will have the ability to resist bacteria and radiation, matching all skin types and not causing an allergic reaction.

The action of the sheath is not only mechanical since it acts directly on the cells by promoting the production of keratin (natural protein making up 97% of the raw material of the hair, it guarantees the firmness and resistance of the skin) and collagen (protein which ensures cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of tissues.

This protein is mainly responsible for a “healthy glow” effect. In addition, it stimulates cell regeneration, which corrects the phenomenon of sagging skin in the neck and cheek area and thus reduces the double chin effect .

lose double chin

Is this sheath really effective?

Some are satisfied with it, others less. However, in the same way that the skin becomes hydrated after using a mask or cream, the sheath very quickly provides firmness to the skin.

Of course, it will never replace surgical methods , but they will also be much less dangerous !

The sheath addresses skin problems located in the lower face, often neglected in most skincare routines.

Beware of scams, it is advisable to buy a quality sheath that will neither attack your skin nor add imperfections such as pimples or redness. To do this, find out beforehand!