Whether for the beauty of the skin in daily beauty care or for therapeutic virtues for your health, you are bound to have heard or read articles about gua sha. It is both the name of a massage technique and an object with which we will practice this massage.

Using gua sha for therapeutic benefits or body relief

gua sha personal care

Coming from traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha is an ancestral art aimed at harmonizing stagnant energies in the body. Gua sha, in Chinese, means “scratching the disease to allow it to escape through the skin”.

Gua sha is a natural alternative therapy which comes from the traditional Chinese technique which consists of “scraping our skin” with an object to circulate energy in our body. You will have understood that this technique, if it is so successful, provides many benefits.

It can be practiced by a therapist trained in Chinese medicine and the art of massage or by an average person concerned about health, their body and their skin. You can get this massage tool anywhere in your wellness stores or on the web. The benefits of massage are no longer to be proven, but wait until you see those of gua sha which are even more impressive.

Regarding the Gua sha object , it is available in several sizes and colors but also in different materials. We therefore find guansha made of jade, rose quartz, agathe, wood, volcanic stone, amber or brass. Rose quartz will have the property of stimulating the lungs, and jade will have a beneficial action on all organs and more particularly the lungs as well.

You can also choose one or the other according to their respective color, pale green or soft pink. It all depends on what these colors evoke for you but in all cases these soft colors will be a source of calm and softness. .

gua sha wood anti cellulite

Regarding the gua sha technique, it is very old and is considered in China as a healing technique which will improve health through a unique approach to relieve chronic pain for example. By this technique, your blood flow will be increased.

The practitioner may apply massage oil to your skin in a downward motion then make short or long movements with the gua sha. This will scrape your skin to stimulate soft tissue microcirculation.

By this technique, your blood flow will be increased and this gesture will circulate the stagnant energies in your body, which are, in the opinion of specialists, responsible for various inflammations. These inflammations are the cause of infections and associated with chronic pain. Rubbing the surface of the skin with gua sha helps break up this stagnant energy therefore reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

These massages performed by an expert and trained in this technique will be done on your entire body, back, buttocks, neck, arms and legs. This helps stimulate acupressure points, meridians and internal organs. We mentioned a little above the beneficial action of rose quartz gua sha to stimulate the lungs.

This method is often used to treat infections, chronic pain such as fibromalgia, arthritis, muscle and joint pain.

Indeed, this technique helps release toxins stored in the body and therefore relieve muscle pain, activate blood circulation, and achieve lymphatic drainage.

Finally, we were able to see improvement and relief for people suffering from migraines.

gua sha beauty use

The aesthetic and beauty benefits of gua sha

While body massage requires a precise technique from a qualified professional, the personal use of gua sha for daily facial care is common and recognized.

To achieve natural beauty with radiant skin, daily use of gua sha on your face is strongly recommended. Facial massage with this gua sha stone will improve the elasticity of your skin, and you will obtain radiant skin with vitality, balanced skin. Your skin texture will be refined and the color pinker. To understand how gua sha refines skin texture and know how to maximize this effect with other daily treatments, discover how it helps improve the appearance of your skin .

Indeed, one of the main effects of gua sha is the almost immediate refinement of the skin texture, the toxins eliminated during the gua sha will allow your skin to accelerate cell renewal. Your skin is luminous, unified and with fewer imperfections.

The shape of this object will suit the angles of your face and can effectively massage all areas in order to decongest it. It will even be able to firm up its oval shape through regular use. So your gua sha will allow you to correct complexes such as a double chin with its lymph-draining massage.

If you want a more effective result, you can also call on the expertise of facial care professionals in institutes because this method is now practiced. Some Chinese medicine therapists who practice body massages with gua sha also offer this technique for your face, neck and décolleté.

As you can see, the benefits of gua sha are no longer to be proven because in any case you will instantly obtain relaxation, letting go and can also hope for an improvement in your state of health, whether in terms of your skin, of your organs or your body.

Eliminating toxins will bring you undeniable benefits and your body will only be able to reap the benefits. You will have better looks, better energy and above all better health.

Don't tell me you're still hesitant? I haven't convinced you?

To try is to adopt it and if you choose to make personal use of it and wish to acquire this surprising object. You will be amazed at its very affordable price.

It's a nice gift to give yourself... treat yourself by improving your health.