Gua sha is a traditional stone used at home or in salons to scrape and ward off illness. It is also mainly used to care for the aesthetics of the face through skin care and daily drainage.

What not to do with gua sha

To begin with, using the term danger is way too strong for the inconveniences that improper use of your gua sha can cause. Indeed, gua sha, if used incorrectly, can cause unwanted effects but which will never attack your health or your physique. There are rules which make it possible to considerably limit the small inconveniences which can be linked to incorrect use of gua sha and here are the main ones.

Avoid using gua sha in any direction

As explained in this article on the use of gua sha , it has very specific massage directions. Indeed, as when we practice facial gymnastics, the movements are very important, because poorly explained, they can sometimes create wrinkles rather than remove them. Using gua sha always from bottom to top and from the center of the face outwards will help lift the face. Conversely, using it in the opposite way can weaken it, so it is essential to respect the basic gua sha massages.

From a physical point of view it is important to stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points gently, these are vital points which are very sensitive and which can completely disrupt your body.

For sensitive skin, try never to use your gua sha on dry skin

gua sha danger without oil

One of the dangers of gua sha is linked to overuse of gua sha on dry skin. Indeed, it is essential to use an oil or a treatment to make your gua sha slide as much as possible, especially if you have sensitive skin that marks quickly. So to protect frail and sensitive skin we use a non-greasy oil and massage for 5 minutes maximum 1 to 2 times a day.

In addition, without using oil, your skin may be overstimulated and no longer produce enough sebum naturally, so this can accentuate areas of dryness.

Pay attention to practices related to traditional Chinese medicine

brand related gua sha dangers

Traditional Chinese medicine, like traditional Thai massage, can be complicated to handle when you are not used to intense bodily stimulation . Indeed, sometimes Asian massage techniques are sometimes intense, and combined with the use of tiger balm this can cause pain when practiced by experienced practitioners.

Going to a Chinese medicine professional will never be dangerous, it can only do you good, however if you are a novice, do not hesitate to tell them to start the gua sha massages gently to avoid bruising or pain. linked to the first sessions.

What to do to avoid the dangers of this massage tool

The small inconveniences mentioned above are rarely potential dangers , they are inconveniences which can annoy you or reduce the effectiveness of the use of gua sha. In reality, it is very rare that a natural massage can actually cause you any danger, unlike certain cosmetics on the market.

As we advised you before, it is essential to make movements from bottom to top and from the center to the outside of the face, gua sha is of course to be used with oil or treatment so as not to create bruises or bruises. lesions on your face or body.

Use the right gua sha for each area

It is essential to use the right gua sha for the right areas. For example, if you want to massage your reflexology points, choose a suitable form of gua sha and create it for that, the massage will be precise and can really be effective.

There is no real danger in taking a form of gua sha that is not suitable, let's be clear on this point, however you will considerably lose effectiveness in your daily gua sha massage.

To maximize results, place your gua sha in the refrigerator

The cold is a decongestant for the skin but also for the muscles, so by leaving your gua sha in the fridge for a few hours you ensure healthy skin and a lifted and refined face.

Now you know how to avoid bad massage habits with your gua sha, all the dangers are gone, so use the appropriate gua sha and the recommended rituals and your results will be assured!